Do I have a talent?

For years, people kept telling me that my talent is around my ability of language. For years, I did everything to prove them wrong. More I tried, more I found my ability was polished but still I did everything to prove them wrong.

One day I realised that having a talent doesn’t equals to that I have passion towards mastering it. Having a talent doesn’t mean that’s my life path. Having a talent doesn’t mean I am good at it.

I knew I wasn’t good enough to base my life on it. I knew my limitations around language. I knew knowing many language means nothing more than that. I knew I didn’t have any passion towards language.

I remember following quotes which was first introduced by my uncle. When I was struggling to find my passion in life. He told me this quote stating that ‘Regardless of your chosen passion for life, you need to put all your efforts in polishing it to make it your own.’

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Thomas Edison

Now looking back my life, I was constantly proofing others perception about me wrong.
My parents said that I can’t be a boy, I proved them wrong.
My parents said I can’t be a caring girl, I proved them wrong.
Moving to a new country, my teacher at the time told me that as an immigrant child I will not go straight to University, I proved her wrong.
A teacher from secondary school said that he can see future business woman in me, I proved him wrong.
My grandparents said that I will not obtain a Master degree, I proved them wrong.
My grandparents said that girls shouldn’t obtain a degree higher than Masers degree, I proved them wrong.
My relatives told me that happiness for the girls should be based on their successful marriage, I proved them wrong.
My parents said that I am not suitable to become a researcher, I proved them wrong.

The biggest obstacles to our progress exist within our own lives in the form of cowardice and the tendency to give up.

Breaking through theses, barriers will unleash a surging wave of change.

Daisaku Ikeda

My biggest obstacles were believed in the fact that whatever others said about me was corrected. Some parts of me admitted that they were true. Other parts of me knew I didn’t want to give in to all these presupposed perceptions about me. This became my drivers in life. Through proving them wrong, I wanted them to acknowledge my existence as who I am. I probably went opposite ways to their presupposed perceptions.

Well, there were things that they were correct. For example, it is difficult to keep me quiet. I still believe to this day that I can’t teach because I have no patience to wait for students to come up with their own solutions. Whether, these are limitations that I have placed for myself or not, I love what I am doing at moment and I am proud of what I am doing at moment.

Interestingly, through proving others’ presupposed perceptions about me, I have found my life path, passion, and purpose in life. Probably, instead of my ability of language, this is my talent to prove others’ perceptions wrong. So, if I truly believe in the sense that there are no coincidence then all these meant to happen to get me to where I am. I am very proud of myself, how far I had come.

How did you decided on your life path?
What is your talent?
How did that guide your life?

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