What’s my human tendency?

I grew up with this notion that I shouldn't admit my own fault. If it is someone else's fault than that won't be my problem. My parents were like that so was I. What I wasn't aware is that bit by bit I was accumulating this sense of guiltiness inside myself. Even though majority part... Continue Reading →

When I attended Children Moon Festival…

Over the weekend, I have attended a local moon festival organised by local Vietnamese Society. We live in a neighbourhood where we have a strong Vietnamese community. This was the first time that we have attended this moon festival. When we have arrived there, what surprised me was the size/capacity of this festival. It was... Continue Reading →

Am I taking a good medicine?

One day, I asked my parents about a memory I had from my childhood. I have a memory that I was lying on a bed at maternal grandparents' place, hooked to IV fluid without any other stimulus. I remember that I hated those times because I wasn't allowed to move or do anything for hours.... Continue Reading →

How can an action lead to change?

When I was in Grade 5, I have experienced isolation from the class. It started with someone commented on my eating habits. Then, it affected the whole class where I was literary 'isolated' from the class. Everything I do, I said became attraction for further dislike. Luckily, it didn't go further than isolation but it... Continue Reading →

What urges me to find myself?

One afternoon, I was enjoying my spare moments that I had. I used to go through a survey that was available online about determining personalities. Yes, this was before I found myself. Until I find myself, I loved these tests. Every now and then, I will undertake one of such test and feel like I... Continue Reading →

What’s my greatest accomplishment?

In my recent journey, I have encountered many individuals who suffered from external values. I have been challenged with this too. At first, I thought it was the cultural implications from my parents. Through this journey, I realised it was beyond cultural implications. It happens regardless of culture or gender. It can happen in any... Continue Reading →

How am I using my time mindfully?

Recently, I ponder about the time. I reflect on how I have used time, how I want to use my future time, and how I want to mindfully spend my current time. From my average everydayness to extraordinary days, it made me realise and appreciate that I still have today. This reminds me that I... Continue Reading →

What am I going through?

Someone once said to me "Life is full of challenges and life isn't always smooth. Your true value will be tested at those challenging times." I listen to it with one ear. Well, I knew that's absolutely true but I thought 'I will deal with life challenges when I have to.' Well, I guess my... Continue Reading →


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