When I realise the significance of time…

Time is too precious to unconsciously spending it. I started to think about this in recent years. I guess not until something happen to you that make you stop your usual everyday life and think what is the purpose of all these.

My parents had somewhat unusual working life. For many years, he said he worked to raise children. Now, he said he is working for his grandchildren. This week, he really reflected on his own life.

For many years, he didn’t listen to any advice from mum, family or doctors. He ignored their instructions and did everything his own way.
What happened in five years time?
He ended up at emergency ward. Following is his reflection.

All these years, I didn’t listen to any advice from doctors. I didn’t take them seriously at all. And now, what happened? I ended up in hospital. I knew because of my diabetes I will end up with dialysis one day. I was kind of prepared for that. The scary part is I wasn’t aware of my heart problem. I never imagined myself ended up with a heart disease such as three vessels disease. I never dreamed that I will undertake bypass surgery one day. I loved food. I loved fine dinning. Now, what? If I knew I would end up here with these major operation, I would never allow myself to touch any of those food. I would have been more careful about my dietary intake. I would have been more cautions and selective about what go into my mouth. This time, I finally received the message from the universe that I should stopped smoking, sugar and cholesterol. I was so close to death. I am warned and now I am taking it seriously than ever.

Soon after we immigrated to this country, my father was diagnosed with type II diabetes. I still remember what did doctor told him at the time.
“This is just the beginning. It is still a mild case. However, if you are not careful, you will end up with loosing limb, sight, or any other organ complications. It is still manageable now. Once you get there, it is too hard to reverse it back. Please take this seriously because I am seeing many patients didn’t listen to me and return with regrets saying that they should have listen to me.”
My father hated to visit any doctors. He feels that he knew his own wellbeing more than doctor do. Therefore, he is ‘managing’ his own health.

Well, this time, he finally stated “I will listen to all the advises and instructions from the doctor. I will do my best to follow their instructions. I will stop smoking and take medication regularly as instructed. I will do whatever they tell me to do.”

Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.

Thomas Edison

He has finally realised that he was so close to lose his life. So he reflected “I am very fortunate that I am able to see the sunrise today. I am so fortunate that I still have time and ability to interact with my grandchildren if I need to. I can still in their life rather than a memory. ” He then turn to me and continued “Please look after your own health. Nothing is worth in comparison to your health. You are at high risk as well. Please look at me and learn from me. Take everything seriously.” I was quite surprised when he said that to me. I feel he is finally ready to take in all the advises.

What are you risking your wellbeing for?
What is the most important thing in your life?
What can you do to protect your time and wellbeing?

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