What am I going through?

Someone once said to me “Life is full of challenges and life isn’t always smooth. Your true value will be tested at those challenging times.” I listen to it with one ear. Well, I knew that’s absolutely true but I thought ‘I will deal with life challenges when I have to.’

Well, I guess my value or strength was really tested this time. Not only my own value but the whole family was tested in some way. Instead of been tested, the whole family have given an opportunity to prove our strength. It may be strength of individual people or the bond between the whole family. It certainly become a critical turning point for the family.

For me, it showed me the strength of family bond and different values in each individual. I had to fight with my old tendencies, such as over caring, over responsible, and over loading myself. I had to become really aware of my own behaviour as it was so easy to slip back to where I used to be.

I learned how to hold up my boundaries and my brother and sister-in-law supported me to keep my boundaries up. It also showed me that having good health is a privilege and if I don’t care for myself, I can loose it very easily. Having same gene from my parents, I am at the risk as well.

Life isn’t always smooth.

If it were, we would never grow and develop as human beings.

If we succeed, we are envied; if we fail, we are ridiculed and attacked.

Sadly, this is how people are.

Unexpected grief and suffering may lie ahead of you.

But it is precisely when you encounter such trying times that you must not be defeated.

Never give up!

Never retreat!

Daisaku Ikeda

More I share about my father’s story, more I realise how fortunate he was. The whole family was well protected. He acted fast. My brother happened to be on the late shift. He was lucky all his specialists were in the same hospital, relatively close from home. We were surrounded by supportive friends and colleagues. My father was lucky that it was on his heart where doctors can still operate. We were so protected.

So what am I going through at moment?
I am experiencing the transitioning of life of my family. Everyone is learning and adapting fast to this transition. Everyone is contributing what they can, wherever they can, whenever they can. Sometime I found such strong family bond was like a chain that held me back. This time, I experienced the good side of it. I learned how to stand as an adult child beside my parents. Among this transitioning, I am learning how to be who I am without been pulled back to my old self. I can see my family is advancing and growing in their own way.

Do you have an experience of family transitioning?
What did you learn from such experience?
How did you incorporate that in your life?

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