When I attended Children Moon Festival…

Over the weekend, I have attended a local moon festival organised by local Vietnamese Society. We live in a neighbourhood where we have a strong Vietnamese community. This was the first time that we have attended this moon festival.

When we have arrived there, what surprised me was the size/capacity of this festival. It was huge event with couple rides for kids. They had a main stage with various stalls around the ground. Every kids had a lantern on their hand. Free balloons and face paintings. They had great food, cheaper than other festivals. They had police on the ground and other volunteers to manage the cleanness of the area.

The other thing I have realised was the power of youth. From the conduct of the ceremony on the main stage to the people at stalls. All these were managed by youth groups. In fact, there were so many youth attended this festival.

On the way home, I was talking to my sister-in-law how amazing to have so much youth attended the festival. Sometime you wonder where’s youth. Then, this festival made me realise they were hidden but were there.

History has always been shaped by power of youth.

Daisaku Ikeda

The youth of today is the leader of tomorrow.

Nelson Mandela

Having so many youth attended this festival, I felt there are hope in the future. I wasn’t pessimistic about the future but having these youth around, I felt our future is secured.

In another note, my sister-in-law shared her perspective about these youth. “I guess, Vietnamese have a long history in this country. For some, these youth probably are second or third generation here. What’s amazing about this is that they are still so connected to their ethnicity and very proud of their connection.”

I have encountered many immigrant parents who shared difficulties to maintain their original culture to their children. It might be the language, it might be other traditions such as food and festivals. I know some maintain their original culture through marginalising with current culture.

What is youth?

It is the inner strength not to stagnate or grow resistant to change but to stay open to new possibilities.

It is the power of the spirit that refuses to succumb to complacency and strives ever forward.

Daisaku Ikeda

What does ‘youth’ mean to you?
What does ‘original culture’ mean to you?
How can you embrace your youth?

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