How I want to live when I become a senior?

Everyday I feel I am not computer savvy anymore. Everyday is a learning, learning new tricks and new apps. My nieces are learning programming at school, watching Youtube instead of tv, playing Mindcraft instead of blocks. One day, I saw a documentary about a life story of a senior grandmother, Masako Wakamiya. Let me share... Continue Reading →

How did I evaluated what I have learned?

If I have a choice, I prefer assignments over exams. Why? Simply because I can't remember the context. I get frustrated because I couldn't remember even though I knew there's an answer to it. This doesn't mean I was good at my assignments. I lacked skills in explaining my arguments. Well, I am yet to... Continue Reading →

Learning from children: Determine to commit

As I grow up, I understand that determination is an important factor to success. However, every now and then I tend to forget without putting some action, determination wouldn't be achievable. For me, having an action is driven by my commitment. Commitment leads to action.Action brings your dream closer.Marcia Wieder Few days ago, my niece... Continue Reading →

What is the depth of my life?

It is not length of life, but depth of life.Ralph Waldo Emerson "How can I determine depth of my life? What's the true value of my life?" I asked a senior person years ago. She looked at me and shared her life experience. "My son died in his early 30s. Some people said that they... Continue Reading →

Am I an emotional person?

I personally don't like to be seen as an emotional person. My mother was an emotional person. She would express her emotion regardless of where she was. Majority of time, she would aggressively express her emotions at the time. Sometime, I felt she lost her control. To be at such scene, it was fearful, scary,... Continue Reading →

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