When you try to keep a trend of thought…

I guess, last few weeks, I was packed with things happening. All positive in a way things are happening so quick that I sometime need to question myself where am I? How far did I come? How much can I do? When I make it to be, everyday is filled with inspirations and motivations. More... Continue Reading →

Can I say “I don’t know”?

I think I am a person curious about things. I love facts that related to my interests. If I don't have interest, I probably won't have curiosity to begin with. I like to collect those little factors that you won't miss anything even not knowing it. Working in an academic world, or any professional world,... Continue Reading →

When you met a friend unexpectedly…

Few days ago, I met a friend in a shopping centre. It wasn't planned but happened to be. She tried her best to connect with me but I had this awkward feeling that I didn't know what to respond. She spoke to me in our mother tongue but I replied in English. Obviously, I was... Continue Reading →

Are you a pioneer?

Recently, I was reading a novel about a life of a person who started a journey to world peace. It contained examples and life stories of people living around the world, transforming their life. Reading this book reminds me of those pioneers who took an extraordinary path. Let me share an experience. About a decade... Continue Reading →


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