When you met a friend unexpectedly…

Few days ago, I met a friend in a shopping centre. It wasn’t planned but happened to be. She tried her best to connect with me but I had this awkward feeling that I didn’t know what to respond. She spoke to me in our mother tongue but I replied in English. Obviously, I was uncomfortable in that connection or relationship.
She shared her current situation, went back to work after giving birth. As my situation didn’t change much, I probably wasn’t as sharing as I might have been. I quickly ended the conversation and back to my own comfortable zone.
After this encounter, I thought ‘what an awkward encounter!’ Well, I wasn’t prepared. I met her during my high school years, every now and then we meet but I don’t remember we shared much in common. I probably shared more with her elder sister. What an interesting encounter.

The difference between a friend and an acquaintance is that a friend helps: an acquaintance merely advises…

Bob Edwards

Yesterday, I met a friend on the train. It was like three station ride. As she didn’t get off at the station I thought she would, I told myself it was a wrong person, which happened before. Then, I continued doing what I was doing, went back to my own world.
Before she got off, she saw me and came to say ‘hi’. I was surprised as I thought it was a wrong person but it was her. I said ‘hi’ and didn’t know how to continue on.
We quickly exchanged ‘how are you?’ kind of superficial questions. She asked me where I am going, and told me that after giving birth, she’s finally back to work once a week. As I was following her in a social media, I knew her situation.
After a short communication with her, I thought ‘what am I doing? didn’t even make most out of that instant opportunity!’ So, I decided to text her and asked her whether she is willing for catch up. Interestingly, if this happens, this will be before she gave birth to her child. Probably, few years back.

Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.

Richard Bach

Probably, for both of them, I am an acquaintance as well, rather than a friend. It is now up to me whether I want to proceed further with this relationship or remain at current distance. For me, someone who knows me better than myself are individuals that I admire. Fortunately, I have few of those in my life. Whenever I face a wall, when I don’t know where to turn to, how to move on, I turn to them. Interestingly, some of them know I am facing a wall before I recognise existence of a wall in my face.

Do you have acquaintances who eventually become one of your friend?
Who are your lifelong friend that know you well?
Can you turn to them when you need to?

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