When you try to keep a trend of thought…

I guess, last few weeks, I was packed with things happening. All positive in a way things are happening so quick that I sometime need to question myself where am I? How far did I come? How much can I do?

When I make it to be, everyday is filled with inspirations and motivations. More and more I kept these inspirations and motivations within myself, I wanted to write or note it down somewhere. Obviously, a thought triggered another thought, and if there’s no time limit, I think I will ponder myself in these thoughts.

Over years, I become aware that I have a tendency to ponder in my own world, whether positive or negative. When I am caught in the downward spiral, I knew that I will take awhile to pick myself up again. So, I have learned to cut it there, as soon as possible, when my thinking are not resourceful or contributing to my life.

Thinking for me is like where to from here in the future. Write or note it down somewhere is like trail in life. I am feeling and thinking the way I am feeling and thinking right now as who I am here, living this moment. Me tomorrow might see it differently to me today. I want to leave a trail so I know how my life evolved.

Thought is a force – a manifestation of energy – having a magnent-like power of attraction.

William Walker Atkinson

Eventually, I will get back to some thoughts and things that triggered my thoughts. I will write a post in relation to each of them. It it interesting to notice in my life that more and more I am holding onto a post, trying to write, more and more evidence I accumulate in life. It certainly contribute to my urgeness to write about each topic that I intended to write.

Thought is the seed of action.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is in your mind now?
Is that your mind telling you? or your heart?
Where is your thought leading you to?

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