What am I seeing these days?

Probably for last six months, I constantly seeing or recognising a word, ‘communication’. It seems to me, people are started to realise there is a lack of human to human connection.

Recently, I was working down a street with coffee shops and resturants. I have noticed a family who were sitting on a table: parents and two kids. What made me stop and observe was that no one was talking to each other. Everyone was busy on their mobile phones. When I looked to other tables, similar things were happening.

On another table was a mum and a daughter. Mum was surfing on her mobile while little one tried to talk to her mum. Eventually with no response, she stopped talking to her mum.

No communication technology has ever disappeared, but instead becomes increasingly less important as the technological horizon widens.

Arthur C. Clarke

With current communication technologies, we have access to boundless information in much shorter time. It allows you to communicate with others who are on the other side of this planet. Many lectures became online learning modules. Landlines are replaced by online medium.

Participating in the newest communications technologies becomes compulsory if you want to remain part of the culture.

David Porush

Advacnement in technology bought us closer to each other. However, if we overly relying on it, we might forget there are alternative communication strategies. We might forget there is a person sitting in front of me. Sometime, I question myself:
Is it important to focus on the person in front of me or nswering/replying on messages that come through? How urgent is it? Is it necessary to break the state of dialogue?

What is communication?
What is the purpose of communication?
What are we communicating?

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