What are my personal values?

About two year ago, I started to define my personal values. Until then, I struggled to put them into words. I knew I believe in several things but I never knew what they were.

I still remember the first time I picked my top 5 personal values in life. It was a fascinating exercise. I finally felt sense of ownership of these values in my life. Every decision I made in my life now made so much sense why I made such decision at such time.

Personal value is the kind of value we receive from being active instead of passive, creative instead of consumptive.

Clay Shirky

Since then, I struggled in how to make decisions aligned with my values. I felt knowing my personal values were one thing but upholding and living them was another thing. I realised how much things I was doing that contradicted with my personal values. I felt frustrated when I couldn’t act in the way I wanted to. I felt devastated when others asked me to do things I didn’t want to do. I finally realised why I felt sick when I had to do something that I was unwilling to do.

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

Roy Disney

Obviously, I had to learn how to live my personal values. When I make uncomfortable or difficult decisions, I started to ask whether it aligns with my personal value or not. If not, I reflect on my decision on why I made such decision. More I practice, easier it became to do. When I have clear persnal values, then it is easier to make decisions and happier to live with the decisions I have made.

From not knowing my personal values, I know reflects my personal values in average every 6 months. Why? Because in this 6 months, I felt I’ve travelled so far that my original personal values does not resignate with me anymore.

Recently, a friend gave me a long list of potential words that may become my personal values. It was a long list over 100 possibilites. It was overwhelming by just looking at it. I started by crossing out those that no longer resignate with me. I then realised some of the words that I have crossed out were once my personal values.

Values are like fingerprints.

Nobodies are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.

Elvis Presley

What are your personal values?
Do you live those values in daily bases?
Have you noticed the change of your personal values?

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