Let’s talk about peace…

Few weeks ago, I have visited a locomotive museum closeby. The whole family went and we had fun. Besides that I noticed displays in relation to war memorials. I stopped and asked myself "Every museum displays a collection of war memorials. At least, all the countries I have been to did. Why haven't human learn... Continue Reading →

What are my personal values?

About two year ago, I started to define my personal values. Until then, I struggled to put them into words. I knew I believe in several things but I never knew what they were. I still remember the first time I picked my top 5 personal values in life. It was a fascinating exercise. I... Continue Reading →

A time for reflection…

A notice popped into my email stating that "it has been a year since I signed up for wordpress". So it has been a year since I started this blog. Probably, this is a good time for reflection. One night, I had a chance to discuss with my supervisor how I was before starting my... Continue Reading →

When I couldn’t write…

It has been a while since I wrote last time. It took me so long to come back to this writing. I guess, so many things happned in between and it took me away from my posting. Let me share one of awarensses on this post. At the end of last year, I travelled to... Continue Reading →

Can I say “I don’t know”?

I think I am a person curious about things. I love facts that related to my interests. If I don't have interest, I probably won't have curiosity to begin with. I like to collect those little factors that you won't miss anything even not knowing it. Working in an academic world, or any professional world,... Continue Reading →

When you met a friend unexpectedly…

Few days ago, I met a friend in a shopping centre. It wasn't planned but happened to be. She tried her best to connect with me but I had this awkward feeling that I didn't know what to respond. She spoke to me in our mother tongue but I replied in English. Obviously, I was... Continue Reading →

Are you a pioneer?

Recently, I was reading a novel about a life of a person who started a journey to world peace. It contained examples and life stories of people living around the world, transforming their life. Reading this book reminds me of those pioneers who took an extraordinary path. Let me share an experience. About a decade... Continue Reading →

How I want to live when I become a senior?

Everyday I feel I am not computer savvy anymore. Everyday is a learning, learning new tricks and new apps. My nieces are learning programming at school, watching Youtube instead of tv, playing Mindcraft instead of blocks. One day, I saw a documentary about a life story of a senior grandmother, Masako Wakamiya. Let me share... Continue Reading →

Learning from children: Determine to commit

As I grow up, I understand that determination is an important factor to success. However, every now and then I tend to forget without putting some action, determination wouldn't be achievable. For me, having an action is driven by my commitment. Commitment leads to action.Action brings your dream closer.Marcia Wieder Few days ago, my niece... Continue Reading →


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