What is the depth of my life?

It is not length of life, but depth of life.Ralph Waldo Emerson "How can I determine depth of my life? What's the true value of my life?" I asked a senior person years ago. She looked at me and shared her life experience. "My son died in his early 30s. Some people said that they... Continue Reading →

Am I an emotional person?

I personally don't like to be seen as an emotional person. My mother was an emotional person. She would express her emotion regardless of where she was. Majority of time, she would aggressively express her emotions at the time. Sometime, I felt she lost her control. To be at such scene, it was fearful, scary,... Continue Reading →

How my presupposition was challenged?

I am aware that I have a lot of presuppositions in my everyday life. In other words, I have many assumptions that I have accumulated throughout my life. Some of them are still important to me while others are no longer true to my life. Some of them affect my way of thinking while other... Continue Reading →

When I can’t focus…

One morning, I woke up late. Partially it was tiredness, partially there were other physiological changes in my body that I am aware. That morning when my father was undergoing a major surgery, I was disturbed. I couldn't concentrate on write a blog that I usually enjoy doing. I couldn't concentrate on my study writing... Continue Reading →

When I realise the significance of time…

Time is too precious to unconsciously spending it. I started to think about this in recent years. I guess not until something happen to you that make you stop your usual everyday life and think what is the purpose of all these. My parents had somewhat unusual working life. For many years, he said he... Continue Reading →

How I want to determine my happiness?

For many years, I believed that only I can determine my happiness. I still believe in this today. However, what I didn't understand was the true meaning behind this notion. I was a people pleaser. I sought external validation. As I didn't have my own benchmarks, I believed values determined by the general public were... Continue Reading →


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