What does it mean to have a right supervisor?

One day I was having a conversation with a peer research student about "How to choose a correct supervisor?" I met my supervisor, Jennie, at first round so I didn't have major problem with finding a supervisor. I went to her because of her area of research suited what I wanted to do at the... Continue Reading →

Why I have this sleepless nights?

Probably since last year, I have this occasional sleepless nights. Sometime it is consecutive, other time it is just one night. I have realised there is a common trait that contributing to my sleepless nights. In some sense, it is a good sign on the other I am aware it might affect my functionality of... Continue Reading →

What confesses a character of a person?

I was having a conversation about academics in general with my colleagues. We have agreed that certain type or characters of a person becomes an academic. Even more, only a handful of them survives in that competitive environment. Only few of them were allowed to climb up that ladder and invited to that top group.... Continue Reading →

Who decides course of my life?

I had a series of interesting conversations with my paternal grandparents in relation to obtaining higher education. At the end of my undergraduate degree, I visited my grandparents and we went for a walk along the lake for a change. I was assisting my grandmother so I had her on my left. Then, suddenly my... Continue Reading →

My maternal grandmother

Recently, I have lost my maternal grandmother. Probably in comparison to my maternal grandfather, I did not share much in common with her. Part of this is communication problem and the other is we didn't have much interactions. I know she was a year older than my grandfather, meaning that she was born before world... Continue Reading →

Grandparents: Maternal grandpa

I never thought I will write about my grandparents. However, I saw a post that tracked back a memory of a grandparents and remembered my own grandparents. So, let me start of my maternal grandfather. By memory, I think he was born before the World War II. He was educated in a strict authoritarian system... Continue Reading →

New beliefs vs old tendencies

One raining day, I met with a friend over breakfast. I met her over a workshop and since then our relationship continued. We exchange our thoughts, comfortably challenging our believes, and provide support when needed. Well, since we know each other, we are different individual now, meaning that we have progressed rapidly and come a... Continue Reading →

Family: My perspective

Family is one of the essential components in my life. I was bounded by my family tradition and expectations. I don't know how others define dys/functional family but for me it was a reality, just the way it is, and that was where I feel that I belonged to. Traditional family structure of my ethnicity,... Continue Reading →


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