How do I determine my progress?

I didn't know how to determine my progress in life. I didn't know how to determine how far I have come. Well, to be honest, I was too afraid to evaluate my progress because I know it will be dreadful to find out I haven't moved much. I might have changed my accessories along the... Continue Reading →

How do I stay true to myself?

I thought staying true to myself is my life long journey. If you ask me a year ago, I would have told you that I have to start by defining who am I. I felt very invisible because I had this contradictory perception of who I am. For example, one day you might find I... Continue Reading →

What’s my choice?

About a year ago, I was attracted to personal growth. When I commenced this personal growth journey, I have realised everything I do, is down to my choice, my decision. This reality that "I have a choice" hit to my heart. I knew I have chosen to follow my path.I knew I am walking the... Continue Reading →

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