How can an action lead to change?

When I was in Grade 5, I have experienced isolation from the class. It started with someone commented on my eating habits. Then, it affected the whole class where I was literary 'isolated' from the class. Everything I do, I said became attraction for further dislike. Luckily, it didn't go further than isolation but it... Continue Reading →

When one takes action for others…

Taking action for others were something I used to be good. One day I felt unfairness when I needed someone's help and I had no one around. This is the time when I felt that I might not have true friend as I thought I did. So I questioned myself: Why am I doing so... Continue Reading →

What kind of life do I envision?

I remember a talk at a conference where we went to as a group before commencing my tertiary education. I remember a talk so clearly about envision for future. The speaker shared his experience of starting a business, good for few years, followed by facing a bankruptcy. One day, he didn't have any money but... Continue Reading →

How to start taking an action?

Someone once told me you need a bigger purpose to change your behaviour. One might feel a lot of energy to change a behaviour. For example, for me, it was hard to change my eating behaviour and not until that day that my doctor told me to lose weight for health reasons. Another example is... Continue Reading →

What you do?

I have learnt to learn from action. Probably related to my background as well. Instead of learning from listening over an unfamiliar language, I found myself learn faster by observing what others do. One day, I was studying about Self-Efficacy Theory by Albert Bandura (1997). Bandura explained four sources to build self-efficacy which were: mastery... Continue Reading →

How to prove myself?

I was inspired by a friend today. Simply through her action. Throughout the life, I encounter many people would say what they want to say but their action did not meet what they said. This will become really clear when you are in a difficult situation and how many people remain close to you as... Continue Reading →

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