What did I learn from my bad times?

For every experience, there are associated lessons that you have to learn from it. I learnt that I have a choice to make the most out of it or live in that prison. I have a choice to ignore it or appreciate it as an opportunity. I remember at age of 5, I learnt the... Continue Reading →

Why we have adverse life?

There were times when I questioned why others get to where I want to be quicker than I did. It seems to me that they have easier ride of life than I am. I felt that I had to work harder than others to get where I want to be. I don't think I was... Continue Reading →

What can we share with friends?

Recently, I was involved in a project as part of employee wellness program in a workplace. A strategy introduced in this program is buddy network, in other word, peer support. This strategy encourage each individual to form his/her own support network where they can release their stress in a safe place without criticism or judgement.... Continue Reading →

How do I become comfortable with unknown?

Exploring unknown for me was nothing else but fear and stress. Probably this is one of the reason I dislike exploring the world because I feel if anything happens, I don't have any control nor strategies to save myself. Not only in relation to travelling, such mindset also impact on my other components of personal... Continue Reading →


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