Why I have this sleepless nights?

Probably since last year, I have this occasional sleepless nights. Sometime it is consecutive, other time it is just one night. I have realised there is a common trait that contributing to my sleepless nights. In some sense, it is a good sign on the other I am aware it might affect my functionality of... Continue Reading →

How did I change the situation I was in?

I have encountered a stressful event last night. I was returning home from two long-day workshops very late at night, passing hours after my usual bedtime. Before that I was stacked in an aircraft for nearly three hours with noisy individuals. Before that I had to spent two full-day with two unfamiliar individuals who I... Continue Reading →

Life is about change

I believe that nothing can stay static or same in one point or place. Life is about change because you are constantly engaging in different views, perspectives, beliefs and values. Life is about change because every time you change, you are entering to new phase of your life. Life is about change because it is... Continue Reading →


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