Learning from children: Am I actively listening?

When was the last time you remember that you had practiced active listening? I have noticed that as I become caught in my everyday tasks, I tend to focus on that task rather than become aware of surrounding environment. This includes listening to other while I am doing something else. Although I believe that you... Continue Reading →

Learning from children: Who is an adult?

Currently, I am living with my brother's family. It is my privilege to live with them. There were a time, I was house sitting for a friend for a month. One day, I missed my niece and nephew so much so I called my niece. Following was the conversation I had with her. Me: I... Continue Reading →

How to prove myself?

I was inspired by a friend today. Simply through her action. Throughout the life, I encounter many people would say what they want to say but their action did not meet what they said. This will become really clear when you are in a difficult situation and how many people remain close to you as... Continue Reading →

Time with children

We had a gathering over the weekend where old friends joined together. Interestingly, we know each other for more than a decade now since when majority of us were still single. Whilst some of us still remain single, majority of them found partners, then become parents. So we have a group of children going through... Continue Reading →


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