How can I determine a toxic environment?

Recently, I had a chance to support workshops which aimed to increase self-care and resiliency in the workplace. These workshops were conducted in various locations of an organisation. As I was just an observer, it was interesting to see what participants perceived as source of stress to them and what strategies they have implemented to... Continue Reading →

Am I walking the light path or dark path?

I am aware of my tendency to project an impression that I'm a person with great smile. This doesn't mean my life is always perfect. I had great times and worst times. However, regardless of happenings in my life, I try my best to remember great times. When I was young, I saw a demonstration... Continue Reading →

What’s my choice?

About a year ago, I was attracted to personal growth. When I commenced this personal growth journey, I have realised everything I do, is down to my choice, my decision. This reality that "I have a choice" hit to my heart. I knew I have chosen to follow my path.I knew I am walking the... Continue Reading →

What’s your greatest gift to others?

For few weeks, I pondered about concept of time. Majority of times, I take time for granted. There's always next minute, next hour, next day, next week. When do I experience the significance of time? and realising that time is limited? I think I feel this strongly when I hear about loss of a person.... Continue Reading →

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