What am I seeing these days?

Probably for last six months, I constantly seeing or recognising a word, 'communication'. It seems to me, people are started to realise there is a lack of human to human connection. Recently, I was working down a street with coffee shops and resturants. I have noticed a family who were sitting on a table: parents... Continue Reading →

When a family gathering didn’t turn out…

It can become a tragedy when family gathering turned into a nightmare. Not just ruine the atmosphere, in some cases, it may ruine a relationship that cannot be repaired. On my father's 60th Birthday, he wanted to celebrate with family in a way he wants to. He offered to cook his birthday lunch. When we... Continue Reading →

What do I want to communicate with others?

For many years, I wanted to become a person who can communication effectively, precisely, and meaningfully. Yes, I am still learning how to do so. Communication needs at least two person: a person who expresses him/her-self and a receiver/listener. Therefore, the aim of communication is to reach common understanding. With many experiments, I am now... Continue Reading →

How do I guess what’s unsaid?

I am not an active listener or patient listener. I have noticed over few years that when I am having a conversation or dialogue with someone, I am constantly analysing and making assumptions, often find myself in my own world. This was part of how I grow up, learning new language which made no sense... Continue Reading →


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