What is my fear? What is my courage to overcome that?

Few days ago, I suddenly remembered an incidence which was related to the interpersonal relationship. I actually forgot about this incidence all these years. It was when I was in Grade 5 or 6 and I joined the exchange group to an Island. It wasn't the first time I left my parents but it was... Continue Reading →

What is ‘courage to stand up’ mean to me?

'Courage to stand up' probably was one of the motto I had for awhile. It was about stand against my immediate and extended family. It was to stand against common trait and tradition. It was to 'stand up' knowing I will provoke many hidden secrets in the family. In my early 20s, I become aware... Continue Reading →

How did I change the situation I was in?

I have encountered a stressful event last night. I was returning home from two long-day workshops very late at night, passing hours after my usual bedtime. Before that I was stacked in an aircraft for nearly three hours with noisy individuals. Before that I had to spent two full-day with two unfamiliar individuals who I... Continue Reading →

What is courage mean to me?

I had fear towards revealing my true self. That's why I become very well with pretending my true self. For many years, I struggled with unconsolidated character/personality. More I pretend, more I become confused with myself. I was pretending to protect my vulnerable self. I needed to summon up courage to reveal my vulnerability to... Continue Reading →

Meaning of being vulnerable

When you ask 10 people to explain their meaning of 'Being Vulnerable', I suspect you might find 10 versions of meaning attached to this phrase. I have been taught "not to show my vulnerability to others". Simply because being vulnerable means that you are giving others great reasons to attack your weakness. I received message... Continue Reading →


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