How shall I appreciate my day?

Someone once said to me "You should appreciate everything happening in your life as a great opportunity in your life." For many years, I didn't really understand the meaning behind it. Only when I realised how overcoming difficulties had strengthened my life. I was a person who refused to take responsibilities. Although by nature, I... Continue Reading →

When I woke up this morning…

When when I woke up this morning, on a weekend, I look out to the window and it was clear blue sky. Then, I told myself "what a perfect day". My heart start singing with joy and my body start to dance. No doubt, it will be a wounderful day. The sun has just arose.... Continue Reading →

Learning from children: Am I wasting food?

For many years, food waste is one of the global concern. In has been estimated that one third of food produced for human consumption is wasted and it is a severe problem in many countries. Food wasting lead to 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions, uses our limited resources, in particular, freshwater (24%), and cost... Continue Reading →

Coincidence or Meant to?

On one of my weekend, when I had nothing in particular scheduled, I've been asked for a help. I've realised that I had few spare hours that I needed to spend outside. So, I've carefully prepared my bag, filled with things that I can do while I wait. Charged my laptop until last minutes in... Continue Reading →

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