How do I determine my progress?

I didn't know how to determine my progress in life. I didn't know how to determine how far I have come. Well, to be honest, I was too afraid to evaluate my progress because I know it will be dreadful to find out I haven't moved much. I might have changed my accessories along the... Continue Reading →

When I focus on the problems…

I have strong tendency to focus only on the problems. I used to be trapped in those problems and couldn't get out of that trapped reality. Simply focusing on positive things happened on the day wouldn't help because I am so trapped about the problems. Sometime, I feel even more stressed towards how fast these... Continue Reading →

Who decides course of my life?

I had a series of interesting conversations with my paternal grandparents in relation to obtaining higher education. At the end of my undergraduate degree, I visited my grandparents and we went for a walk along the lake for a change. I was assisting my grandmother so I had her on my left. Then, suddenly my... Continue Reading →

When you feel like giving up?

I saw many people who had to chose a different path to what they originally desired to. It is easy to say their circumstances changed but within those who had to experience this, I wonder how many people still strove for what they wanted. When I think back, it is hard for me to think... Continue Reading →

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