How do I make my own path?

When I was wondering how to find my own path, one of a senior person told me that "no matter what you've decided to do, just keep going. That eventually will become your path." That's the difficult part because I had no idea what I really want to do with or in my life. For... Continue Reading →

What defeats people?

I can think of many reasons why I didn't proceed with what I wanted to proceed. For example, I wanted to learn knitting but I did't want to start until I have every correct equipment ready to go. As time flies, I become too busy to buy these equipment and the fire or motivation fades... Continue Reading →

What is my dream?

'Too big" is just about the right size for young people's dreams. Josei Toda I have come across to this quote in my youth. It come across multiple times. Many people told me to dream big but then I was confused. What do they mean by dream big? Become a famous person? trying to solve... Continue Reading →

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