What is the purpose of my accumulated knowledge?

It took me few years to complete my Master by Research. It probably was the first research I have conducted in my life. Although it was my chosen path, I often questioned my purpose of obtaining this research degree. I think at the time, it was my 'social justice' that kept me going. I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Why parenting becomes so hard?

I am not a parent myself but I believe parenting was and will never be easy. Many individuals raise concerns returning to the work after parental or maternal leave. I never experienced such break myself so I will not comment on this. However, I can imagine to return to research after few years of no... Continue Reading →

Who decides course of my life?

I had a series of interesting conversations with my paternal grandparents in relation to obtaining higher education. At the end of my undergraduate degree, I visited my grandparents and we went for a walk along the lake for a change. I was assisting my grandmother so I had her on my left. Then, suddenly my... Continue Reading →


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