How I appreciate each morning?

Wake up every morning is itself a blessing. Facing such opportunity, one has a choice between embrace and live to the fullest or curse it is another reality one needs to face. I don't wake up every morning with such spirit but I still wake up to appreciate it is part of my everyday and... Continue Reading →

What will you do?

When you encounter an incident in your daily life what will you do? Few days ago, I have encountered an incident in my daily life. It wasn't anything life threatening but it was enough to trigger me into panic mode. I went to shopping with my sister-in-law and realised that I didn't have my credit... Continue Reading →

When you stay outside…

One of the reason that I don't like to travel is I can't take my bed with me. I am one of those who can't sleep well when I have different bed. It's not just the pillow. It's the bed. I like firm bed but not many people like it that way. Many hotel rooms... Continue Reading →

When is a good time?

When something happen, everything happen at the same time. I remember one of the shocking times. I experienced a number of deaths in a row. Although psychologically I understand death is part of everyday life, it seemed that I was attracted to them. At one point, I was very distressed and fearful toward such attraction.... Continue Reading →

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