When you catch up with a long-time friend…

I met with a high school friend. We went to same high school and since then we meet every now and then for catch up. 10 years ago, she decided to move oversea for good. Now, living with her family. It was a coincidence I texted her this time. I thought about her so I... Continue Reading →

How to unchain from cultural norm?

Cultural norms are engraved in our daily life. What is the norm? According to Cambridge Dictionary, norm is defined as: An accepted standard or a way of behaving or doing things that most people agree with.Cambridge Dictionary Cultural norms are defined as: Cultural norms are the standards we live by. They are the shared expectations... Continue Reading →

External Approval

I have found it might be a tendency for anyone to seek for external approval. I have used it as a way to benchmark myself, evaluate myself, and validate myself. Recently, I have realised that I was seeking external approval for expressing my anger. When I explored this, I have found that I viewed anger... Continue Reading →


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