What am I going through?

Someone once said to me "Life is full of challenges and life isn't always smooth. Your true value will be tested at those challenging times." I listen to it with one ear. Well, I knew that's absolutely true but I thought 'I will deal with life challenges when I have to.' Well, I guess my... Continue Reading →

When a family gathering didn’t turn out…

It can become a tragedy when family gathering turned into a nightmare. Not just ruine the atmosphere, in some cases, it may ruine a relationship that cannot be repaired. On my father's 60th Birthday, he wanted to celebrate with family in a way he wants to. He offered to cook his birthday lunch. When we... Continue Reading →

Is that a tradition?

I guess, everyone have attached different meaning to the word 'tradition'. For me, it was a long battle to unchain myself from my family tradition. I grow up with moderately traditional extended family. Some rules in our family are rules and others are common sense. I put them in a box called 'tradition'. Since I... Continue Reading →

Where’s etiquette for family gathering?

When moving to current country of residency, our family was finally reunited with other relatives from my paternal side. Dinning out as a whole family group wasn't a easy thing to organise. Not just about the numbers, but many little unspoken rules and manners that we were expected to know as children. My family was... Continue Reading →

What’s my greatest gift to my family?

I am not an illness free person. I have ups and downs with my health but in general, I am healthy. This is what I though, I believed, and I tried. Few years back, I have been told to lose weight. It wasn't a general discussion but after consultation with two different doctors. "Well, probably... Continue Reading →

Family: My perspective

Family is one of the essential components in my life. I was bounded by my family tradition and expectations. I don't know how others define dys/functional family but for me it was a reality, just the way it is, and that was where I feel that I belonged to. Traditional family structure of my ethnicity,... Continue Reading →


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