When you met a friend unexpectedly…

Few days ago, I met a friend in a shopping centre. It wasn't planned but happened to be. She tried her best to connect with me but I had this awkward feeling that I didn't know what to respond. She spoke to me in our mother tongue but I replied in English. Obviously, I was... Continue Reading →

When you catch up with a long-time friend…

I met with a high school friend. We went to same high school and since then we meet every now and then for catch up. 10 years ago, she decided to move oversea for good. Now, living with her family. It was a coincidence I texted her this time. I thought about her so I... Continue Reading →

Who’s friend? Who’s acquaintance?

For many years, my friends circle had two colours: black or white; in or out. Everyone will be in once they've gained my trust and they'll be out when they've crossed my boundaries for twice. This means that it will take me awhile to let them in to my white circle. Similarly, it will take... Continue Reading →


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