When I couldn’t write…

It has been a while since I wrote last time. It took me so long to come back to this writing. I guess, so many things happned in between and it took me away from my posting. Let me share one of awarensses on this post. At the end of last year, I travelled to... Continue Reading →

When you met with a long time friend…

Few days ago, I met with a friend who I met at my highschool times. It was interesting to chat with her as she has returned to the country, married, and started a family. Well, nothing wrong with what she has chosen to do in her life. It was interesting in the way that even... Continue Reading →

When I can’t focus…

One morning, I woke up late. Partially it was tiredness, partially there were other physiological changes in my body that I am aware. That morning when my father was undergoing a major surgery, I was disturbed. I couldn't concentrate on write a blog that I usually enjoy doing. I couldn't concentrate on my study writing... Continue Reading →


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