How do I learn to break a habit?

I spent a relatively extensive time with my families and relatives for last two days. It was longer than I used to be. Before I spent time with them, I knew their tendency that they are very bounded by their traditional culture and norm. So, I was aware there were a tendency for me to... Continue Reading →

How to break old habits?

Many people said that they can't break their old habits. I am definitely one of them. For past year, I started to become aware of my old habits that were not serving me anymore. For example, my two-toned friendship circle and pleasing others with my own cost. Some habits were easy to break through awareness... Continue Reading →

New beliefs vs old tendencies

One raining day, I met with a friend over breakfast. I met her over a workshop and since then our relationship continued. We exchange our thoughts, comfortably challenging our believes, and provide support when needed. Well, since we know each other, we are different individual now, meaning that we have progressed rapidly and come a... Continue Reading →

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