When I wasn’t aware of my health…

It has been a while since I had to stop posting for this site. Nothing major. I was unwell. I couldn't sit in front of computer. Why? I had a nasty flu. This wasn't my first flu in my life but probably it was one of the nastiest one I can remember. Started with feeling... Continue Reading →

When you appreciate your health…

About 6 years ago, my doctor had found a cyst in my brain. It was discovered by an accident. This cyst was considerably large and everything I was doing in my life went to pause. At that time, its dimension was about 9 x 3 x 3 cm that was sitting on my right brain.... Continue Reading →

When I was sick…

For the past few days, I think I caught a flu and couldn't move much. No one was at home and I felt physically weak. I haven't been so sick for awhile now and had to ask around how to get better. Learning day by day, trying few strategies, I finally feel I am getting... Continue Reading →

What’s my greatest gift to my family?

I am not an illness free person. I have ups and downs with my health but in general, I am healthy. This is what I though, I believed, and I tried. Few years back, I have been told to lose weight. It wasn't a general discussion but after consultation with two different doctors. "Well, probably... Continue Reading →

What is the most valuable treasure?

Many years, I searched for my treasure. Asking around , I've realised that everyone had different perspectives on this. Some were materialistic and others were more internalised. I guess, it is depending on the circumstances and situation of a person that treasure of the life may change. There's no right or wrong, nor no better... Continue Reading →


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