Do I have highest human qualities?

One day, I was having a talk with my friend. We were discussing how we turn out right. Well, what do we mean by turn out right? Didn't become as people we didn't like. Enjoying our life. I thought for a moment. For me, I believed that there's more to this life. I didn't allow... Continue Reading →

When was the last time you heard the whisper?

For many years, I have ignored my inner voice. Well, probably I didn't ignore it but didn't listen to it with my heart. It kept whisper to me about what it wants but majority of time I failed to give it enough attention. Sometime I even accuse it to confuse my decisions. My mum is... Continue Reading →

When I focus on the problems…

I have strong tendency to focus only on the problems. I used to be trapped in those problems and couldn't get out of that trapped reality. Simply focusing on positive things happened on the day wouldn't help because I am so trapped about the problems. Sometime, I feel even more stressed towards how fast these... Continue Reading →

What lies inside me?

I found believe in my inner quality was a challenging thing to do. I have given permission for others to determine my quality, purpose, and value. I even allowed others to judge my existence in this world. This is how I used to value myself. No matter how many people told me that's not the... Continue Reading →

What I set my heart upon?

Do you remember what you have decided your heart upon five years ago? Do you remember when was the last you have let your heart decide your destination? Do you remember the purpose of setting your heart on? About a year ago, I have been questioned for my purpose of life. I never thought that... Continue Reading →

What is the most valuable treasure?

Many years, I searched for my treasure. Asking around , I've realised that everyone had different perspectives on this. Some were materialistic and others were more internalised. I guess, it is depending on the circumstances and situation of a person that treasure of the life may change. There's no right or wrong, nor no better... Continue Reading →

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