Learning from children: Determine to commit

As I grow up, I understand that determination is an important factor to success. However, every now and then I tend to forget without putting some action, determination wouldn't be achievable. For me, having an action is driven by my commitment. Commitment leads to action.Action brings your dream closer.Marcia Wieder Few days ago, my niece... Continue Reading →

Learning from Children: What does it really mean to change the perspective?

A strategy to change your current situation is to change your perspective. It is to challenge those perspectives you have as a common sense. Is it really a common sense? Is it really something you need to hold on to? These are some of the question to ask yourself. Let me share a story with... Continue Reading →

Learning from children: drawing

One day, my sister-in-law asked me whether I have noticed anything about my niece's drawing of the family. I replied 'no' and she explained. "Do you remember a theory that drawing of a child reflects how they feel at the time? I think that's exactly what she has drawn." I couldn't believe what she had... Continue Reading →


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