What is the depth of my life?

It is not length of life, but depth of life.Ralph Waldo Emerson "How can I determine depth of my life? What's the true value of my life?" I asked a senior person years ago. She looked at me and shared her life experience. "My son died in his early 30s. Some people said that they... Continue Reading →

When I realise the significance of time…

Time is too precious to unconsciously spending it. I started to think about this in recent years. I guess not until something happen to you that make you stop your usual everyday life and think what is the purpose of all these. My parents had somewhat unusual working life. For many years, he said he... Continue Reading →

Do I have a talent?

For years, people kept telling me that my talent is around my ability of language. For years, I did everything to prove them wrong. More I tried, more I found my ability was polished but still I did everything to prove them wrong. One day I realised that having a talent doesn't equals to that... Continue Reading →

How I want to determine my happiness?

For many years, I believed that only I can determine my happiness. I still believe in this today. However, what I didn't understand was the true meaning behind this notion. I was a people pleaser. I sought external validation. As I didn't have my own benchmarks, I believed values determined by the general public were... Continue Reading →

What is my purpose in life?

One morning, I was chatting to a friend about what drive my life, in particular when I make decisions. Two words that emerged was 'Safety' and 'Existence'. No doubt that philosophy textbook, I have recently finished reading, is influencing my perspectives at moment. So what does these two words 'safety' and 'existence'?These are the words... Continue Reading →

What kind of life do I envision?

I remember a talk at a conference where we went to as a group before commencing my tertiary education. I remember a talk so clearly about envision for future. The speaker shared his experience of starting a business, good for few years, followed by facing a bankruptcy. One day, he didn't have any money but... Continue Reading →

Who determines value of my life?

I was having a chat with a friend. She knows me since I was in high school so she knows my goods and bads. However, I struggled to understand her and I question how much she knows about me. May be I am seeking for external validation again? Probably, it's time to question this again.... Continue Reading →

Are you a successful person?

I was having an interesting conversation this morning with a friend about "what do you want to be known as?" She said that she was struggling to answer this question. To me, she is a person who knows exactly what she wants in her life. I started to think about what does "being successful" mean... Continue Reading →

What I set my heart upon?

Do you remember what you have decided your heart upon five years ago? Do you remember when was the last you have let your heart decide your destination? Do you remember the purpose of setting your heart on? About a year ago, I have been questioned for my purpose of life. I never thought that... Continue Reading →


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