What I set my heart upon?

Do you remember what you have decided your heart upon five years ago? Do you remember when was the last you have let your heart decide your destination? Do you remember the purpose of setting your heart on? About a year ago, I have been questioned for my purpose of life. I never thought that... Continue Reading →

If I knew this is what’s going to happen…

One day, when I was having a lunch with my auntie, I met my cousins by coincident. We haven't met for years so it was great to catch up with them. A cousin said that he's working with his parents as a carpenter. With a surprise I asked:Me: Was that your profession?Cousin: Yes.Me: I mean,... Continue Reading →

Who decides course of my life?

I had a series of interesting conversations with my paternal grandparents in relation to obtaining higher education. At the end of my undergraduate degree, I visited my grandparents and we went for a walk along the lake for a change. I was assisting my grandmother so I had her on my left. Then, suddenly my... Continue Reading →

When I woke up this morning…

When when I woke up this morning, on a weekend, I look out to the window and it was clear blue sky. Then, I told myself "what a perfect day". My heart start singing with joy and my body start to dance. No doubt, it will be a wounderful day. The sun has just arose.... Continue Reading →

Life is about change

I believe that nothing can stay static or same in one point or place. Life is about change because you are constantly engaging in different views, perspectives, beliefs and values. Life is about change because every time you change, you are entering to new phase of your life. Life is about change because it is... Continue Reading →


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