Can I say “I don’t know”?

I think I am a person curious about things. I love facts that related to my interests. If I don't have interest, I probably won't have curiosity to begin with. I like to collect those little factors that you won't miss anything even not knowing it. Working in an academic world, or any professional world,... Continue Reading →

How I have been treated by my supervisor?

I have been working with my supervisor for a decade. It has been a long time from being a student to becoming a colleague. I am only grateful working for and with her. We treat our people like royalty.If you honour and serve the people who works for you, they will honour and serve you.Mary... Continue Reading →

What happened if I didn’t have a mentor?

In an occasion, I was attending a group meeting with other youth. Our topic of the meeting was "mentor and disciple relationship." We allowed questions to evolve around this topic as we go. Some questions arose were:Do you have a mentor?Who's your mentor?Why did you choose this person as your mentor?What are the quality you... Continue Reading →

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