When I realise the significance of time…

Time is too precious to unconsciously spending it. I started to think about this in recent years. I guess not until something happen to you that make you stop your usual everyday life and think what is the purpose of all these. My parents had somewhat unusual working life. For many years, he said he... Continue Reading →

What’s my pace of growth?

Many times I question my own ability about my growth. Am I growing? Am I going anywhere? Am I improving? Am I progressing? Am I getting better? Am I achieving something? Am I proud of myself? I grow up in a parental style where my parents didn't feel we have achieved enough at any given... Continue Reading →

Who brings me peace?

I had an opportunity to spend few hours with my parents alone. It is unusual after I moved out of home. Usually when we catch up, it will be with my brother's family. I assisted and escorted them to a specialist consultation for my father. We get to the consultation separately and they dropped me... Continue Reading →


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