Let’s talk about past, present and future…

I am a believer in past, present and future. I see past, present and future as a current while present encompasses both past and future. Present effects are due to karmic causes from the past. However, future effects arise from the causes we make in the present. It is always the present that counts. It... Continue Reading →

How did I find my self-respect?

Owning or having my self-respect was a long term challenge. Not knowing or understanding true self-respect, I disregarded for a long time. It was confronting when someone challenged me in this perspective. I was accepting external values as my own values. I believed that my life is not as pretty as others because I didn't... Continue Reading →

Who owns today?

Sometime, I feel like I live in my past. I allowed my past to invade and ruin my today by been a victim of my past. I was a victim when I felt powerless about my own experience. Then, I was a survivor when I lived through it, turnout right, and still alive. But, neither... Continue Reading →

What did time explained to me?

When things happens, a common phrase you hear is "time will tell." Many times, I actually replied "I want the answer now" but as time pass by, I have realised that the answer I get now might be different to what I have in years time or a decade time. I remember the first time... Continue Reading →


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