Learning from Children: What does it really mean to change the perspective?

A strategy to change your current situation is to change your perspective. It is to challenge those perspectives you have as a common sense. Is it really a common sense? Is it really something you need to hold on to? These are some of the question to ask yourself. Let me share a story with... Continue Reading →

What’s the purpose of education? or having a teacher?

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend today. We were discussing about how some people act and behave in a workplace. We both work for a University. The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.Malcolm S. Fobes Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.John... Continue Reading →

How to prove myself?

I was inspired by a friend today. Simply through her action. Throughout the life, I encounter many people would say what they want to say but their action did not meet what they said. This will become really clear when you are in a difficult situation and how many people remain close to you as... Continue Reading →

It’s a raining day♫

I love my raining days. It's just one of those days that everything you planned will be cancelled, unless it is absolutely necessary. For me, raining day is a day that I have been granted to use in the way I want to. Majority of time, it will become a day that I catch up... Continue Reading →

What’s holding me back?

I remember, when I was choosing a career, I wanted a career that I can equip myself to work from anywhere in the world. The only thing I can think of at the time was to become a researcher. I think I was academically oriented but was not good enough to compete in the world... Continue Reading →

New beliefs vs old tendencies

One raining day, I met with a friend over breakfast. I met her over a workshop and since then our relationship continued. We exchange our thoughts, comfortably challenging our believes, and provide support when needed. Well, since we know each other, we are different individual now, meaning that we have progressed rapidly and come a... Continue Reading →

Coincidence or Meant to?

On one of my weekend, when I had nothing in particular scheduled, I've been asked for a help. I've realised that I had few spare hours that I needed to spend outside. So, I've carefully prepared my bag, filled with things that I can do while I wait. Charged my laptop until last minutes in... Continue Reading →

Family: My perspective

Family is one of the essential components in my life. I was bounded by my family tradition and expectations. I don't know how others define dys/functional family but for me it was a reality, just the way it is, and that was where I feel that I belonged to. Traditional family structure of my ethnicity,... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day

I was born as the first child to my parents. My father was the eldest son to my grandparents. My parents and grandparents did cherished my birth but in their traditional culture, that's not good enough. They cherish boys more than girls. Boys were seen as the treasure of the family as hope for next... Continue Reading →


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