Do I have a talent?

For years, people kept telling me that my talent is around my ability of language. For years, I did everything to prove them wrong. More I tried, more I found my ability was polished but still I did everything to prove them wrong. One day I realised that having a talent doesn't equals to that... Continue Reading →

What is the purpose of my accumulated knowledge?

It took me few years to complete my Master by Research. It probably was the first research I have conducted in my life. Although it was my chosen path, I often questioned my purpose of obtaining this research degree. I think at the time, it was my 'social justice' that kept me going. I wasn't... Continue Reading →

What type of minds do I want to have?

I had a chance to sit with research degree supervisors. It was fascinating to sit with them. Lucky thing for me is that even though I am affiliated to my School for my study, I am not caught up in politics and tension in the School. I have heard there are multiple incidences of horizontal... Continue Reading →

What is my purpose in life?

One morning, I was chatting to a friend about what drive my life, in particular when I make decisions. Two words that emerged was 'Safety' and 'Existence'. No doubt that philosophy textbook, I have recently finished reading, is influencing my perspectives at moment. So what does these two words 'safety' and 'existence'?These are the words... Continue Reading →

How to lift myself up?

Waking up this morning, I felt neither vibrant nor down. I just felt I wasn't my usual self. I don't wake up every morning looking forward for the day. In particularly during the winter, I had to make an effort to get myself out of the bed. I know it is my choice to get... Continue Reading →

How do I make my own path?

When I was wondering how to find my own path, one of a senior person told me that "no matter what you've decided to do, just keep going. That eventually will become your path." That's the difficult part because I had no idea what I really want to do with or in my life. For... Continue Reading →

When I woke up this morning…

When when I woke up this morning, on a weekend, I look out to the window and it was clear blue sky. Then, I told myself "what a perfect day". My heart start singing with joy and my body start to dance. No doubt, it will be a wounderful day. The sun has just arose.... Continue Reading →

Why am I experiencing what I am experiencing?

I used to question myself "Why I have to experience what I am experiencing?" If there's no coincidence in life, all these experiences are meant to be. Then, why am I experiencing what I am experiencing? Many adults said "There's a reason why you've experienced what you've experienced but you will not understand such reason... Continue Reading →

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