When a family gathering didn’t turn out…

It can become a tragedy when family gathering turned into a nightmare. Not just ruine the atmosphere, in some cases, it may ruine a relationship that cannot be repaired. On my father's 60th Birthday, he wanted to celebrate with family in a way he wants to. He offered to cook his birthday lunch. When we... Continue Reading →

How I have been treated by my supervisor?

I have been working with my supervisor for a decade. It has been a long time from being a student to becoming a colleague. I am only grateful working for and with her. We treat our people like royalty.If you honour and serve the people who works for you, they will honour and serve you.Mary... Continue Reading →

What did time explained to me?

When things happens, a common phrase you hear is "time will tell." Many times, I actually replied "I want the answer now" but as time pass by, I have realised that the answer I get now might be different to what I have in years time or a decade time. I remember the first time... Continue Reading →

How would I interact with others?

I grown up not knowing how to connect with others. I wasn't unable to determine appropriate connectedness with others. I didn't know what's my personal space and the appropriate distance between myself and others. I labelled myself as one of those who is lack of social/situation awareness. I had trouble adapt into a situation. I... Continue Reading →


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