Am I an emotional person?

I personally don't like to be seen as an emotional person. My mother was an emotional person. She would express her emotion regardless of where she was. Majority of time, she would aggressively express her emotions at the time. Sometime, I felt she lost her control. To be at such scene, it was fearful, scary,... Continue Reading →

What urges me to find myself?

One afternoon, I was enjoying my spare moments that I had. I used to go through a survey that was available online about determining personalities. Yes, this was before I found myself. Until I find myself, I loved these tests. Every now and then, I will undertake one of such test and feel like I... Continue Reading →

What’s my greatest accomplishment?

In my recent journey, I have encountered many individuals who suffered from external values. I have been challenged with this too. At first, I thought it was the cultural implications from my parents. Through this journey, I realised it was beyond cultural implications. It happens regardless of culture or gender. It can happen in any... Continue Reading →

How I want to determine my happiness?

For many years, I believed that only I can determine my happiness. I still believe in this today. However, what I didn't understand was the true meaning behind this notion. I was a people pleaser. I sought external validation. As I didn't have my own benchmarks, I believed values determined by the general public were... Continue Reading →

How I want to be remembered?

I was reading a novel which illustrated about a love story of a partner with a deadly illness. Of numerous novels I had read so far, I remembered this particular story because after reading it, I had to think about what I would do in such situation. I imagined myself on both side: watching loved... Continue Reading →

When I become my own source of light…

In many occasions, not only becoming the source of light for others, I had to become source of light for myself. I think I was naturally trying it by exploring what I can learn from every experience I had. It was my surviving mechanism to see the light in the dark days. I value dark... Continue Reading →

What’s the connection I have with me?

I remember that day when I found myself. For many years, I felt I've lost myself. I picked up a book whilst shopping and started reading out of fascination. Once I've started to read this book, I couldn't put it down. I literary carried everywhere I go for next month. I remember that day when... Continue Reading →

How would I interact with others?

I grown up not knowing how to connect with others. I wasn't unable to determine appropriate connectedness with others. I didn't know what's my personal space and the appropriate distance between myself and others. I labelled myself as one of those who is lack of social/situation awareness. I had trouble adapt into a situation. I... Continue Reading →

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