How am I using my time mindfully?

Recently, I ponder about the time. I reflect on how I have used time, how I want to use my future time, and how I want to mindfully spend my current time. From my average everydayness to extraordinary days, it made me realise and appreciate that I still have today. This reminds me that I... Continue Reading →

When I evaluate my own feeling…

After my father has been admitted to Emergency department few days ago, I am experiencing two contradicting emotions are battling within myself. A part of me is quite matter of the fact. This part of me looking at this situation from a distance, trying to address and manage the situation. The other part of me... Continue Reading →

When was the last time you cried out?

When was the last time you cried out? I've been told not to cry because it is a weakness. I've been told not to cry because it is no use to others. In addition, I personally believed crying is too emotional in some sense. I saw my mum cried in public uncontrollably. I saw my... Continue Reading →

Stressed? or Enjoying?

I like things to work out as I planned. However, things raises to disturb with my plan. If you ask me a year ago "How do I feel about that?" I would tell you one word "frustrated". Catching up with a friend and he/she was late for 10 mins without considerable reason or notice, really?... Continue Reading →

When is a good time?

When something happen, everything happen at the same time. I remember one of the shocking times. I experienced a number of deaths in a row. Although psychologically I understand death is part of everyday life, it seemed that I was attracted to them. At one point, I was very distressed and fearful toward such attraction.... Continue Reading →

How am I spending my time?

Did you ever felt that you have wasted your time by attending a party you didn't want to go?Did you ever wondered what happened to your day? I have many episodes of such experience. For example: Attended a business dinner and wondered what am I doing here. Joined a party with a friend and felt... Continue Reading →

How to break old habits?

Many people said that they can't break their old habits. I am definitely one of them. For past year, I started to become aware of my old habits that were not serving me anymore. For example, my two-toned friendship circle and pleasing others with my own cost. Some habits were easy to break through awareness... Continue Reading →

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