Who owns today?

Sometime, I feel like I live in my past. I allowed my past to invade and ruin my today by been a victim of my past. I was a victim when I felt powerless about my own experience. Then, I was a survivor when I lived through it, turnout right, and still alive. But, neither... Continue Reading →

What have you choose to do in this moment?

I have several memories that taught me the importance of today. One of such time was when I lost my boyfriend. It's been more than a decade but I still remember his last words like been told yesterday. It was a sudden death and I still search for things "if..." If I didn't continue study...... Continue Reading →

When you feel like giving up?

I saw many people who had to chose a different path to what they originally desired to. It is easy to say their circumstances changed but within those who had to experience this, I wonder how many people still strove for what they wanted. When I think back, it is hard for me to think... Continue Reading →


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