When I feel the true friendship…

For many years, I had black or white friendship circle. Quite simple. People are either very close to me, in my inner circle, or outside of that circle. I had set of expectations towards my friends. I used to be very frustrated when friends didn't behave in the way I expected they would behave. As... Continue Reading →

When you find a true friendship…

If life is a path, you meet a friend when two paths crossover. When two of you learnt whatever you had to learnt from each other, your path continues, so does theirs. You will not meet that friend until your paths crossover again, ready to learn from each other again. This was how I illustrated... Continue Reading →

Who’s friend? Who’s acquaintance?

For many years, my friends circle had two colours: black or white; in or out. Everyone will be in once they've gained my trust and they'll be out when they've crossed my boundaries for twice. This means that it will take me awhile to let them in to my white circle. Similarly, it will take... Continue Reading →


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