What is the depth of my life?

It is not length of life, but depth of life.Ralph Waldo Emerson "How can I determine depth of my life? What's the true value of my life?" I asked a senior person years ago. She looked at me and shared her life experience. "My son died in his early 30s. Some people said that they... Continue Reading →

What happens when we don’t have opportunities for dialogue?

I have attended workshops which aimed to improve self-care and resiliency of employees of an organisation. One of the main challenges highlighted by participants are lack of communication within team, colleague, and/or managers. Our society today encourages collaboration and teamwork. However, often organisations consist of employee lack of such interpersonal skills that become triggers of... Continue Reading →

Who determines value of my life?

I was having a chat with a friend. She knows me since I was in high school so she knows my goods and bads. However, I struggled to understand her and I question how much she knows about me. May be I am seeking for external validation again? Probably, it's time to question this again.... Continue Reading →


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