Who’s friend? Who’s acquaintance?

For many years, my friends circle had two colours: black or white; in or out. Everyone will be in once they've gained my trust and they'll be out when they've crossed my boundaries for twice. This means that it will take me awhile to let them in to my white circle. Similarly, it will take... Continue Reading →

How wealthy am I?

When someone ask you "What is your wealth?", what will be your response? According to Oxford dictionary, there are three definitions to the word 'wealth':1) An abundance of valuable possessions or money;2) Plentiful supplies of a particular resource;3) Wellbeing. If someone happen to ask me 'what is my wealth?' I probably will get a bit... Continue Reading →

What is the most valuable treasure?

Many years, I searched for my treasure. Asking around , I've realised that everyone had different perspectives on this. Some were materialistic and others were more internalised. I guess, it is depending on the circumstances and situation of a person that treasure of the life may change. There's no right or wrong, nor no better... Continue Reading →


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