How do I determine my progress?

I didn't know how to determine my progress in life. I didn't know how to determine how far I have come. Well, to be honest, I was too afraid to evaluate my progress because I know it will be dreadful to find out I haven't moved much. I might have changed my accessories along the... Continue Reading →


What does language mean to me?

Moving across various countries, language becomes one of the important factor in my life. Learning new language wasn't easy to me but I had no other choice than learn the language. So, I had to learn the language because I have to live there. If culture was a house, then language was the key to... Continue Reading →

How can I shield out external noise?

Recently I have heard many people concerned about the external noises that's forcing them to do something they don't want to do. For example, if your boss asked you to do something, you have no choice other than deliver it. When your team decided on a direction, you can't say you want to go in... Continue Reading →

When a family gathering didn’t turn out…

It can become a tragedy when family gathering turned into a nightmare. Not just ruine the atmosphere, in some cases, it may ruine a relationship that cannot be repaired. On my father's 60th Birthday, he wanted to celebrate with family in a way he wants to. He offered to cook his birthday lunch. When we... Continue Reading →

How I want to determine my happiness?

For many years, I believed that only I can determine my happiness. I still believe in this today. However, what I didn't understand was the true meaning behind this notion. I was a people pleaser. I sought external validation. As I didn't have my own benchmarks, I believed values determined by the general public were... Continue Reading →

What type of minds do I want to have?

I had a chance to sit with research degree supervisors. It was fascinating to sit with them. Lucky thing for me is that even though I am affiliated to my School for my study, I am not caught up in politics and tension in the School. I have heard there are multiple incidences of horizontal... Continue Reading →

How I want to be remembered?

I was reading a novel which illustrated about a love story of a partner with a deadly illness. Of numerous novels I had read so far, I remembered this particular story because after reading it, I had to think about what I would do in such situation. I imagined myself on both side: watching loved... Continue Reading →

What is my purpose in life?

One morning, I was chatting to a friend about what drive my life, in particular when I make decisions. Two words that emerged was 'Safety' and 'Existence'. No doubt that philosophy textbook, I have recently finished reading, is influencing my perspectives at moment. So what does these two words 'safety' and 'existence'?These are the words... Continue Reading →

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