Have you tested your hope?

Recent pandemic had stired my life. Before pandemic, I enjoyed my balanced life of work and study. After pandemic, I lost my job and consequently lost income. It was a devastating time, filled with insecurity and hopeless. Even though I knew I will be financially okay until end of the year, I was stunned that... Continue Reading →

What is my identity?

As my family moved from a country to another, I lost my identity. "Who am I?" "Where do I belong?"These were common questions that I've asked myself. When I shared this questions with others, some people laughed and simply said:"you are who you are." Thank you. That explained a lot but what if I didn't... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about peace…

Few weeks ago, I have visited a locomotive museum closeby. The whole family went and we had fun. Besides that I noticed displays in relation to war memorials. I stopped and asked myself "Every museum displays a collection of war memorials. At least, all the countries I have been to did. Why haven't human learn... Continue Reading →

What are my personal values?

About two year ago, I started to define my personal values. Until then, I struggled to put them into words. I knew I believe in several things but I never knew what they were. I still remember the first time I picked my top 5 personal values in life. It was a fascinating exercise. I... Continue Reading →

A time for reflection…

A notice popped into my email stating that "it has been a year since I signed up for wordpress". So it has been a year since I started this blog. Probably, this is a good time for reflection. One night, I had a chance to discuss with my supervisor how I was before starting my... Continue Reading →

When I couldn’t write…

It has been a while since I wrote last time. It took me so long to come back to this writing. I guess, so many things happned in between and it took me away from my posting. Let me share one of awarensses on this post. At the end of last year, I travelled to... Continue Reading →

What am I seeing these days?

Probably for last six months, I constantly seeing or recognising a word, 'communication'. It seems to me, people are started to realise there is a lack of human to human connection. Recently, I was working down a street with coffee shops and resturants. I have noticed a family who were sitting on a table: parents... Continue Reading →


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